Power outages are no doubt a big inconvenience for households as well as businesses.

We rely so much on electricity that not having power can really put us in a tough spot, or seriously damage our day-to-day business.

This is why it may be a very wise idea to invest in a generator, especially for businesses who rely purely on power  (i.e IT companies, printing
shops etc.).

Buying a generator is also not as straight forward as it may seem.
There are countless types of generators out there, each providing different levels of power and of course retail at different prices.
So to help you make a decision as to what kind of generator will suit your needs most, we’ll have a look at a few helpful tips when it comes to
generator buying.

– Do you want a petrol or a diesel generator?
– Do you want a manual or automatic (electric) start generator?
– Do you want a portable or stationary (fixed) generator?
– Are you purchasing a regulated* or un-regulated generator? (*A regulated generator means that it is safer to use with sensitive electrical
   items such as computers and TV’s)
– Do you want a silent or non-silent generator?
– Is there a maintenance plan included in the purchase of your generator or would you have to maintain it yourself?
– And lastly, do you want the generator to only run essential electrical appliances or your entire house or business?

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6.5 KVA Petrol / Diesel
Super Silent Electric Start
Auto Changeover switch optional
R 12 500.00
R 13 500.00